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Horse Development 


Cezanne takes on a few horses each year for Development. Being a Parelli Horse Development Specialist™ you can be assured that only the concepts and principles set forth by Pat Parelli and Parelli Natural Horsemanship™ will be used during the training of your horse. Among other things, this includes respecting a horse's confidence, curiosity, sensitivity and dignity as well as discovering their Horsenality™ which is based on their innate characteristics, learned behavior, environment and spirit, to better assist the development and training process.

The Development Program is divided into three main categories, including:



If you feel you have a horse that would suit one of these categories and would like more information please contact Cezanne.


With Purchase from Parelli Saddles of Parelli Performer, Ranch Roper or Fluidity Saddle 

You get ................

  • Saddle fitting

  • How to Shim

  • Simulation

  • Test ride in a Parelli Saddle     


If you are in the market for a saddle, this is an offer you can't miss!



If your horse............................


  • Bucks

  • Is hard to turn

  • Cinch

  • Won't stop

  • Throws their head


You could have a saddle problem!

Saddles are Discounted 25% to Savvy Club members.
Contact me to set up a saddle fit!



Clinics are 1,2 or 3 days of learning theory, principles and philosophy of the Parelli Savvy system. Beginning Level 1 is for the beginner student and focuses on basic skills, safety, and building a rapport/relationship with your horse. Advanced Level 1 expands on the 7 games and riding with 1 rein and halter. Level 2 focuses on building confidence in yourself & your horse, winning the 7 games, positive reflexes, and impulsion strategies. Level 2/3 focuses on taking you from Level 2-Level 3, filling in the gap. Level 3 is about flexion, refinement, liberty, and further communication on the ground.
Maximum number of students is 16. Arena/facility fees are determined by host and divided among the participants.

Workshops are usually a specific focus in the levels program. Examples are: carrot stick riding, parelli puzzles, impulsion games, Level 3 online introduction, Level 1 riding, transition and lead changes. Workshops are usually 3 hours long in the morning or afternoon.
 Arena/facility fees will be divided among students and determined by the host.
To ensure the safest learning enviornment possible for students, please do not bring horses with major behavioural issues or stallions. All horses should be started under saddle prior to attending a course. If you have any questions please contact Cezanne
Private and group lesson topics are determined by the student in whatever they need help in. Private and group lessons are available for those living further than 40 miles from Colton, OR, if at least 3 students attend with a minimum of 3 hours instruction time.
Arena/facility fees are determined by the host and divided among the students.
Travel expenses will be added to the above fees and vary according to distance. 

Video coaching is available. For those students who may not be able to attend a clinic or lesson and would like some help via video, I will spend time watching and responding the challenge the student may have. Please keep videos to around 20 minutes in length. I will provide feedback, including strategies and exercises to help improve your communication and skill level. Cost is $50 per video.
Virual Coaching is also available. This requires the student to be able to connect live video link through FaceBook, Pivo or another video chat app. This type of lesson is $85 for a hour hour session. Contact me for further details.
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