Colt & Filly Starting

Appropriate for 2 - 4 year olds.


Description: This development category is reserved for horses that are mature enough in their development both mentally and physically to be started under saddle for the first time (preferably between the age of three and four), in which no previous riding has occurred. Pat Parelli created an educational blue print for his professionals to follow when starting a horse under saddle. This blue print includes the basic skeleton of accept the human, accept the saddle, accept the rider and finally accept the bit. This is what Cezanne will follow and use to introduce your horse to the basic dynamics that will be included in their future discipline.


Skills Covered:

  • Seven Games of the Parelli Program

  • Saddling

  • Riding

  • Shoeing Preparation

  • Trailer Loading


Price: Contact me for details on pricing and availabilty.


*Extras: All Board, Feed, Vet, Farrier, Bodywork, Wormer, Health Care needs, Emergency Care will be at the cost of the OWNER.  



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