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Young Horse Development

Appropriate for horses from weanling to 3 years of age.


We appreciate the phrase Pat Parelli's mentor, Ronnie Willis used to say, 'Start with the end in mind' when approaching any type of horse development program but it is especially true when dealing with foals and weanlings.The start can be the most important ingredient to defining what kind of saddle horse you are going to have. Although horses at this age are too young to be ridden there are so many things you can do to help build rapport, respect, impulsion, confidence and even flexion that will be the building blocks to your horse's ultimate discipline. A good setup, for your young horse, now can be the difference between success and failure in the years ahead. Cezanne wants to help set them up for success and assist in making the transition to their chosen discipline as easy and safe as possible.


Skills Covered:


  • Catching

  • Haltering

  • Leading

  • Preparation for vets, farriers, trailer loading

  • Water crossing

  • Seven Games of the Parelli Program


Price: Contact me for details on pricing and availabilty.


*Extras: All Board, Feed, Vet, Farrier, Bodywork, Wormer, Health Care needs, Emergency Care will be at the cost of the OWNER.  




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