“We do not have a knowledge gap, we have an action gap.” -Dr. Sally Shaywitz

I am a proud mother of two children currently enrolled in the Colton School District. As a dyslexic, I have a unique understanding of the struggles that face many students. I'm running because I am passionate about ensuring Colton Schools provide an excellent education for all of our students. 

Over the last seven years, I have worked hard to advocate for researched-based literacy instruction and bring awareness to learning differences. I have volunteered in our schools and tutored struggling readers in the community. 

Currently, I'm serving on the Superintendent's Advisory Council and the District's Budget Committee.  I know how precious the entire school community is to the school's success to its students. I have a skill and experience set that is often unique to school board candidates—my line of work centers around animal and human psychology and behavior. I also have experience leading professional development and team-building courses. Helping people reach their potential is what I love doing. I also understand importance and power of listening, and I believe our town's future depends on our district's ability to bring excellence with equity to all students.If elected, I will work diligently to incorporate input from teachers, families, and community members when designing District policies and holding District leadership accountable. 

Cezanne DeCristoforo -    cezannedecristoforo@yahoo.com
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